Stanndard Features of the GROVE G4 Gate Valve

  • Size range: 4 in. through 60 in.
  • ANSI Classes: 150 – 1500
  • Full Port or Venturi (6″ or larger)
  • End Connections: Flanged, Weld, and Weld X Flange
  • Applications: Gas & Liquid
  • Stem protector
  • Stem downstop aligns gate in closed position
  • Life lubricated ball bearings
  • Stem packing with sealant injection
  • Floating parallel sided gate can’t stick, wedge, or gall
  • Floating spring loaded seats always in contact with the gate
  • Seat seal “O”-Rings plus metal to metal sealing
  • Fully round, through conduit opening
  • Suited for services requiring block bleed or double block and bleed

Optional Features of the GROVE G4 Gate Valve

  • Secondary seat seal
  • Extended blow down valves
  • Transition pieces

Body Construction

Body cavity is isolated from the valve conduit when the valve is fully open or closed. This allows the body cavity to be vented to atmosphere or drained with the valve under pressure.



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